St Hugh's Catholic Primary School


Class 6G Update - Autumn 2019



Well, the children are now fully into their strides and embracing everything that is year 6! They are really thinking about what it means to be Y6 and lead the school through their behaviour and attitudes.


We’ve been busy learning about the format of newspaper articles to create our own, in English and also in history. I’ve seen great orientation and quotations from our pupils already.


In RE we have been learning about the kingdom of God and the significance of Jesus’ parables. Each week, a group has also planned and delivered a class liturgy with great enthusiasm and reverence.


In maths we’ve been reviewing place value, not only of whole numbers but fractions (finding common denominators).


In history we have been learning about what caused the outbreak of WWII and the significant events which followed such as Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain.


In geography the pupils are learning key vocabulary related to the river system such as meanders and confluences. They have seen the River Severn’s journey from source to mouth too!


In music we have been learning to rap! The Fresh Prince is our song which everyone is enjoying – over the year everyone will sample a range of musical styles.


In art we have produced colourful cityscapes.


There really is a lot going on!


We’ll keep you updated when we can…

6G & Mr Gilby