St Hugh's Catholic Primary School


RE - Liturgies

Butterfly Liturgy


When starting school, some of us felt worried or a little bit sad because we were going to miss the people who are most special to us. To help us, we read a special story about a Worrysaurus who had butterflies in his tummy when he felt nervous or worried. We talked about our own butterflies and how we could feel better by placing someone special onto the wings of our butterflies. We all talked about the people who love us and how God will always love us too. We decorated our own butterflies and added them to the liturgy tree so that when we feel sad, we can look at our butterfly and remember that our special person and God is always with us.

Looking after God's creatures

Today we created our own bird feeders using cheerio’s and string. We did this to make sure that we were looking after God’s beautiful creatures. We hung them in the trees in our outdoor area and watched the birds eat them. We also walked around our school grounds to make sure that there was no litter on the floor. We did this to make sure that we are looking after God’s special world. It was so much fun!