St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

0161 962 1852

Park Road, Timperley, Cheshire, WA15 6TQ

‘St Hugh’s is an outstanding Catholic school where members of the school and parish community ensure all receive a warm welcome.’ Denominational Inspection Report March 2019


Welcome to St Hugh’s!


We are proud of our school with its happy and caring atmosphere and its tradition of hard work, academic achievement, sporting success, productions and parish community involvement. We see education as a partnership between home, school and parish and we look forward to welcoming you and your child into our school community. You are warmly encouraged to visit and see the school in action.


Our School Prayer and Mission Statement


This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let the rooms be full of contentment

Let love abide here

love of one another

love of life itself

and love of God




Our aims and objectives


Our mission statement provides a sense of direction or vision by which we can reach our aims and objectives. It encapsulates the central values and guiding beliefs that the school seeks to foster and promote. It is a touchstone for all relationships and interactions within the school community. It is our commitment to each other.


  1. Our faith enables us to see the governing Spirit who is God our Father. So we aim to begin with the person of the child, his nearest interest and experience, and help him to discover God here in the midst of life.

  2. Jesus and His teaching is at the centre of our distinctiveness as a Catholic School and we aim to put the Christian ideals into practice in our relationships in our community.

  3. We believe that children are made in the image and likeness of God and we aim to promote a sense of self-worth and confidence from this very source of love.

  4. We aim to establish tolerant, co-operative behaviour, tackling issues of prejudice and injustice, thus ensuring the dignity of pupils and staff so that the climate of the school is conducive to learning. We believe that pupils should develop self-discipline as the ideal.

  5. We aim to establish a balanced curriculum to enable children to develop lively, enquiring minds, giving them the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks through well-thought out methods of teaching.

  6. We aim to help children to use language appropriately, effectively and imaginatively in reading, writing and speaking.

  7. We aim to provide a basis of mathematical, technical and scientific knowledge enabling pupils to learn essential skills needed in a fast changing world of work.

  8. We aim to teach children about human achievement and aspirations in the Arts and Sciences, in religion and in the search for a fairer social order.

  9. We aim to foster an appreciation of beauty.

  10. We aim to heighten and promote an awareness of healthy living.

  11. We aim to encourage and foster the development of the children whose social, physical or environmental disadvantages hinder their capacity to learn, if necessary by making additional resources available to them.

  12. We aim to acknowledge the different needs of children and the diversity of backgrounds and to positively respond to the different rates of learning. We plan to foster talent in a variety of ways and to incorporate intellectual challenge through the quality of the experience we give them.

  13. We aim to teach children an understanding of the world in which we live with particular reference to the multi-cultural Europe, which in turn is interdependent upon the rest of the world. We aim to encourage a willingness to learn from the history and culture of all people.

  14. We aim to provide a school which is a place of discovery, sparked by a wide range of stimuli, provided by teachers who know how to direct learning into a particular curriculum area.

  15. We aim to provide a place where there is a warm intimacy, where learning follows naturally from belief in oneself; joy in each other and confidence in the fact that we are accepted for what and who we are. We promise help to cope with failure and establish an ethos where it is safe to fail.

  16. We aim to begin a process which will lead to a genuine love and respect for learning. We hope that children will take from us the desire to continue the love of learning and the search for confidence, knowledge and skills.