House Points

At St Hugh’s, excellent behaviour is expected of all our children and one way we promote and celebrate this is through house points. We follow the example of our house Saints:

John Henry Newman - RED

Bernadette - GREEN

Therese - YELLOW

Oscar Romero - BLUE

St. John Henry Newman St. Bernadette St. Therese St. Oscar Romero
St. John Henry Newman St. Bernadette St. Therese St. Oscar Romero

“I am a link in a chain… I shall do good.”

“I shall do everything for Heaven, my true home.”

“Do little acts of kindness with great love.”

“Each of us needs to be God’s microphone.”

House points are rewarded for impressive and outstanding behaviour, individual achievements or positive playground behaviour. Every term the children count the points and the children in the winning house are celebrated for their hard work.

Autumn Term:

The winners for the autumn term were Therese and they were rewarded with the ‘St Hugh’s House Point Winners’ badge and a keepsake. For example, robot keyrings, kaleidoscopes or bouncy balls. Children from reception to year 6 were so excited to win their prize!

Autumn Term
Autumn Term - image 0
Autumn Term - image 1
Autumn Term - image 2
Autumn Term - image 3
Autumn Term - image 4
Autumn Term - image 5
Autumn Term - image 6
Autumn Term - image 7
Autumn Term - image 8
Autumn Term - image 9
Autumn Term - image 10
Autumn Term - image 11

Spring Term

Our most recent Spring winners were John Henry Newman and they were rewarded with an Orienteering Easter Egg Hunt. The children had to work together to decipher the clues, find the bunnies to spell out a word which would lead them to their hidden treasure! They were so excited to win a badge, surprise Easter egg and a Malteser bunny. Well done to the children in Newman for their hard work.

Spring Term - image 0
Spring Term - image 1
Spring Term - image 2
Spring Term - image 3
Spring Term - image 4
Spring Term - image 5
Spring Term - image 6
Spring Term - image 7
Spring Term - image 8
Spring Term - image 9
Spring Term - image 10