Reporting Absence

Reporting Absence to school:

If your child is absent from school, then please inform school through the usual channels, either by ringing school on 0161 962 1852 and leaving a message on the school answering machine or by emailing ABSENCE@STHUGHSTIMPERLEY.ORG before 8.45am on the morning of absence. Please only use these methods of communication rather than contacting teachers individually.


Important information:

If leaving a message, parents must clearly let us know the reason for absence as if this is Covid related, school will need to support families with the correct procedures with regards to testing. It is really important that you let school know if you are being tested and then to inform them of the outcomes of the test in case we need to take any action in school to help protect our school family. Many thanks for your support and understanding.


For more information, please click on the following link: Covid-19 Advice and Support

Our updated attendance policy contains more information on reporting Covid related absence (Appendix C): Attendance Policy