Design & Tech Curriculum

What's happening?


Year 1


In Year 1, your children will become budding architects, with lessons full of practical activities and inspirational ideas. In this DT topic your child will design, make and evaluate their own model houses.


Everyone loves the playground. During this unit children get the chance to make their very own models of playground equipment. On the way, they will explore different types of playground equipment, how they move and what they are made of, as well as exploring different ways of joining materials together.


Year 2

Perfect Pizzas

This 'Perfect Pizzas' unit is a great way to get children excited about healthy eating as they explore pizzas, discovering what a variety of toppings and bases look like, taste like and feel like. They will then have the challenge of designing and making their pizza to meet a design brief and evaluate it based on the criteria.

Fire Engines

Year 2 get so excited to make fire engines! They will explore modern fire engines and their features, before exploring, designing, creating and evaluating their own model fire engine using wheels, axles and chassis.




Year 3


In Year 3, children will have the chance to explore moving parts in a variety of storybooks and learn how to recreate some of these moving parts using a variety of tools and techniques before investigating different types of fonts and graphics. The children will put their new-found skills to the test, by designing, creating and evaluating their very own moving storybooks.

Making Mini Greenhouses

In this unit, children will become aspiring engineers and architects! They will find out the purpose of a greenhouse and how it works, before moving on to exploring how structures like these can be made stable, and what materials would be the most appropriate to use. Children then apply this knowledge and understanding when designing, making and evaluating their very own mini greenhouse!

Year 4

Money Containers

In Year 4, the children learn about a variety of different stitching techniques and investigate the different features of money containers. They then follow the 'plan- do-review' cycle to make their very own container!

How does a torch work?

During this unit, children will explore the different components of a torch and investigate what materials are suitable to make a torch out of. Finally, each child will make a torch for a particular purpose, whether it be a head torch for camping, or a bike torch so they can see while riding at night.


Year 5

Building Bridges

In Year 5, children will use readily-available materials such as card, paper or art straws, to investigate and explore the ways in which forces act on bridge structures, how they are constructed and how they are strengthened. The children will develop their team work skills while getting to grips with designing, making and evaluating a variety of bridge designs!

Fashion and Textiles

Children will see how textiles are used in the fashion industry- they will learn how cotton cloth is manufactured, then go on to look at how textiles like this are used to make clothes and other items. As they learn about the design and manufacturing processes of the fashion industry, they'll also develop their own skills designing and making a fashionable product of their own: a hand- or machine-stitched drawstring bag!   

Programming Pioneers 

In this unit, the children will explore how computers programs are used in a variety of products. After research existing products, the children will design and make their very own products which they can control and monitor using a computer program. We cannot wait to see some of your exciting creations! 


Year 6

Chinese Inventions

During this topic, children will explore the innovative culture of ancient China and discover the inventions that have helped shape the world, including paper, the compass, gunpowder and the moveable-type printing press. The children will design, make and evaluate their own Chinese invention – the kite.

Great British Dishes

This unit is packed with interesting information and practical activities to help children learn all about great British food. They will explore some sweet and savoury national dishes of England, Scotland and Wales, before moving on to developing an understanding of how cuisines from other countries have influenced what is eaten in Britain today. Finally, children will practise the important life skill of how to plan and shop for a meal!