St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

History Curriculum- What's happening?


Year 1- Seaside Holidays

Year 1 explore seaside holidays and investigate what we like about seaside holidays today before taking a look back to Victorian seaside holidays. They look into why they became popular and how they have changed since. Children will compare seaside holidays now to seaside holidays in the past and develop a chronological understanding of changes.


Year 2- The Great Fire of London

We take our children back to 1666 and the era of the Stuarts as they find about the Great Fire of London and the effect it had on the people of the time. They will find out when, where, how and why the Great Fire happened, and explore how we know about it through the diary of Samuel Pepys and other sources.



Year 3- Ancient Egyptians

This Ancient Egyptians topic is packed full of fun ancient Egypt activities and projects to fully immerse children in learning about the ancient Egyptians. They will be taught how to locate the ancient Egyptians in time and place, and learn all about their fascinating lives and culture.

Year 4- What was it like for children in WW2?

Year 4 children will find out where and when WW2 took place, what life was like for those living through the war, how people coped with the conflict in their daily lives and much more, all through fun, engaging lessons that will immerse children fully.



Year 5- Ancient Greeks

This unit will take children back to one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as they explore ancient Greece and its many wonders. Children will discover the people, the inventions, the art, the technology and the mythology of the ancient Greeks.


Year 6- Medicine and Disease

Travel through time discovering how medicine has changed from the days of prehistoric civilisations and witch doctors, to the NHS and modern medical discoveries. Would you have liked to be treated by an Egyptian doctor or would you prefer to have fallen ill during the Tudor period?