History Curriculum

What's happening?

Year 1

Homes in the past

Year 1 peek into the doors of the past discovering the history of homes. The children investigate homes then and now by looking at the features of a variety of different types of homes and exploring a timeline of homes in Britain before taking a closer look at what houses were like in Victorian times.

Intrepid Explorers

In this topic, the children will learn about the lives of significant individuals who have contributed to international achievements, such as Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. They will look at the achievements of these individuals and how their accomplishments have impacted society.

Seaside Holidays

In this topic, the children will discuss what they like about seaside holidays before taking a look back to Victorian seaside holidays and investigating why they became popular and how they have changed since. The children will compare seaside holidays now to seaside holidays in the past and develop a chronological understanding of changes.


Year 2

Florence Nightingale

The children in Year 2 meet Florence Nightingale, one of Britain's most famous historical figures. They find out about her remarkable life as they journey through her youth, her famous voyage to Scutari, and the work she did there, as well as the work she did in her later years to improve nursing and hospital care.

The Great Fire of London

We take our children back to 1666 and the era of the Stuarts as they find about the Great Fire of London and the effect it had on the people of the time. They will find out when, where, how and why the Great Fire happened, and explore how we know about it through the diary of Samuel Pepys and other sources.       


Famous Queens

The children will undertake a royal journey, where they explore the lives of queens both in the past and present. They will learn what it was like to be a queen and to live in a palace. The children will learn about and explore famous palaces in the United Kingdom and compare how they were used by queens in the past and present.


Year 3

Prehistoric Britain

Year 3 children will journey across millions of years of prehistory - exploring and questioning how palaeontologists and archaeologists find out what the world was like millions of years ago. They’ll discover and explore dinosaurs, early man and Ice Age animals, as well as investigating what life was like in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Ancient Egyptians

This Ancient Egyptians topic is packed full of fun ancient Egypt activities and projects to fully immerse children in learning about the ancient Egyptians. They will be taught how to locate the ancient Egyptians in time and place, and learn all about their fascinating lives and culture.

Invaders and Settlers
Year 3 will travel back in time to Roman Britain. They will learn about the Roman invasion of Britain, their way of life and how they have influenced our lives today. We will also take the children back to the revolt of Boudicca and they will explore who she was as an individual, and how successful her rebellion was.

Year 4

Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots

During our Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots lessons, children transform into ‘expert archeologists; who can talk confidently about life on the island of Britain over 1,500 years ago! Over the course of the unit, the children learn all about the people who lived in and migrated to Britain after the Romans left and explore the different tribes, cultures and religions found there. They will also extend their historical vocabulary and deepen their chronological understanding of British history.

What was it like for children in WW2?

Year 4 children will find out where and when WW2 took place, what life was like for those living through the war, how people coped with the conflict in their daily lives and much more, all through fun, engaging lessons that will immerse children fully.

The Mayans

This Mayan civilisation topic will take year four children on a journey of discovery. The children will look at the origins of the Mayan civilisation, the structure of city states and explore Mayan writing and calendars. We also look at how the society developed and its eventual decline.


Year 5

Ancient Greece

During this fun and engaging unit on Ancient Greece children travel back to one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as they explore ancient Greece and its many wonders. They will looks at how the different areas of Greece were governed, they will use primary and secondary sources to find out about the daily life of the ancient Greeks. While also exploring Greek mythology and the impact of some of the great philosophers of the time. Finally, the children will reflect on how the ancient Greek civilisation still influences modern life today.

Vikings Vs Anglo-Saxons

This exciting study of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons takes the children on a fascinating journey back in time as they find out about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England and how England became a unified country. The children will explore where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came from, how they fought for territory and power, and how their fighting ultimately led to the kingdom of England we know today. Along the way, they will also find out what life was like for everyday people living in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain, exploring things such as Viking runes and Anglo-Saxon stories like Beowulf.

A Local Study

Year five children will look at the history of Timperley. We will look at the origins of our local area, why people settled here and how it has developed over time. The children will also research Frank Sidebottom, who is much loved comedian from Manchester, who has a statute dedicated to him in Timperley Village


Year 6

The Changing Role of Women

The children in Year 6 will journey through the ages as they explore the changing roles and rights of women from ancient times to today. From the law of coverture to modern maternity employment law, the children will get a valuable overview of the ways in which women have been oppressed and the ways in which they have fought for equality, including the militant campaigns of the suffragettes and second-wave feminism of the 1970s.

Medicine and Disease

Travel through time discovering how medicine has changed from the days of prehistoric civilisations and witch doctors, to the NHS and modern medical discoveries. Would you have liked to be treated by an Egyptian doctor or would you prefer to have fallen ill during the Tudor period?

Crime and Punishment

During this unit on Crime and Punishment, children will undertake a journey through British history as they discover how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages. Beginning with the Romans and traveling right through to the present day, your children will discover how changes in society create changes in the kind of crimes that are committed, as well as the ways in which they are punished.