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PE Curriculum- What's happening?

Spring 1


Year 1- Invasion Game Skills

The children will build on their previous learning and explore some strategies of attack and defence like using the width of the pitch when attacking and closing the space down quickly when defending. The children will learn to change direction competently and confidently, pass and receive a hockey ball, move around safely, which dribbling a ball and stop a ball on the run. 


Year 2- Fire of London (Dance)

The Great Fire of London is a Year 2 History topic that the children love, and so to immerse them in their learning we link this with their PE learning. The children will learn to move safely and creatively in space, focus on timing and performance and show use of different levels in their travelling movements.


Year 3- Egyptians (Dance)

Ancient Egypt is a talked about topic in Year 3; the children are always super excited to learn about this area and they can articulate the knowledge that they have learned in their History lessons. The children will learn to show good timing, posture and extension, show changes in level and pathway when travelling and work well in groups showing good cooperation skills.


Spring 2

Year 1- Pirates (Dance)

Pirates is a fun topic that really engages the children in their PE learning. The children will learn to move in different ways, showing different types of travel and showing good timing. They will also learn to use their bodies to express feelings and communicate well with one another to perform in a group.


Year 2- Striking and Field Games

The children build on their previous learning in Year 1. They explore how to catch a ball after one bounce, bowl overarm with a straight arm and show awareness of the rules. Children will also be able to know the importance of picking up the ball with both hands. The children will then apply all of this learning to a game situation, ensuring that they apply their knowledge of the school games values.


Year 3- Netball

Children in Year 3 start applying the knowledge that they have learned in previous years and apply this to individual sports. The children will learn to pass a netball, accurately, in a variety of ways. They will also learn crucial team tactics that they will need to apply when in a game situation; these include a good starting position, best passing position and to pass the ball within 3 seconds of receiving it.

Year 4- Football

The children build on their previous knowledge and explore how to manipulate a ball and send and receive it. They will learn how to defend against an attacker and how to work collaboratively in attack and defence. The children will learn to pass the ball accurately, dribble the ball using both feet and turn confidently with a football.


Year 5- Football

The children will build on knowledge and skills learned in previous years by recapping some of the fundamental skills and work on their decision-making and how to use attacking and defending principles in game situations. The children will learn to pass the ball and move into space, dribble at different tempos, keep the ball moving when running at an opponent and communicate well with teammates.


Year 6- Cricket

The children will build on prior learning and focus on explicit ways of delivering the ball and shots that might be played depending upon the delivery. They will look at developing their tactical awareness, taking into account a variety of factors. The children will be able to catch consistently under pressure, bowl with a short run up and perform a range of fielding techniques confidently and consistently.


Year 4- Tennis

Children will apply learned knowledge from their previous Striking and Field Games unit. They will build on this knowledge to further develop their skills. The children will learn to hit consistent forehand returns, get into a good position to play backhand shots and volley a ball.



Year 5- Dance through the ages (Dance)

This is a fun topic for the children (and adults!) where they can travel through time with dance. The children build on the skills learned in previous year’s dance units. The children will include use of level changes and different directions, as well as including changes in formation, dynamics, Canon, Unison, Direction and Level.



Year 6- The Haka (Dance)

This is a fun unit for the children (especially to any Rugby fans). It is a great unit that really helps engage both boys and girls in dance. The children will learn to creatively change static actions into travelling movements, communicate effectively with a partner and evaluate the work of other’s using simple technical language.