St Hugh's Catholic Primary School



Reading Suggestions

(by year group)



Please click here to visit the Foxhill school website which has a fantastic set of reading suggestions for each year group, from Reception through to Year 6.


A copy of these was sent home with the end of year school reports in July 2016, so you should already have received the relevant page for your child.


The reading lists contain a wide selection of books, with plenty of variety to appeal to all children, whatever their interests or reading level. It contains some old classics as well as contemporary books, as well as both fiction and non-fiction recommendations. Feel free to look at the suggestions for the year groups above and below your child. Don't feel you have to purchase the books; most of these titles will be found in your local Library, so please encourage your child to have a look there if they see a book on the list that they'd like to read.


We hope you find this useful and that your child enjoys their reading!


With thanks to Foxhill Primary School, Sheffield (