St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

0161 962 1852

Park Road, Timperley, Cheshire, WA15 6TQ

‘St Hugh’s is an outstanding Catholic school where members of the school and parish community ensure all receive a warm welcome.’ Denominational Inspection Report March 2019


School Council




In the School Council, it is our job to make sure that the children’s voices are heard! As councillors, we meet regularly with our classes and feed back our ideas to the Council. We then vote on the best ideas and take them to Mr McMorrow to try to put them into action. We also meet with official people, such as OFSTED and the diocese.


Our councillors this year are…


Isla Best and Edward Flynn 3TF

Emma Gosling and Jake Gorton 3BP

George Ridgeway and Aoife Millard 3P

Charlie Gregory and Florrie Hardy 4L

Toby Dewhurst and Ruby Dowling 4P

James Aston and Laura Jerrome 4C

Thomas Harries and Evie Brogan 5Tu

Ruudi Hoogenburg and Abigail Holling 5T

John Andrews and Lizzie Bailey 5S

Honor Gosling and Tom John 6P

Dominic Walton and Grace Habibi 6G

Alex McKee and Annie McIlroy 6B