Sports Council

The staff Lead for this council is Miss Sheridan.


The sport councillors have been helping children across the school to have a more active playtime. The children organised and brought the equipment boxes outside so that children could choose to skip, play target games and hula hoop which ensured that all children kept active for their full breaktime. They have also helped to promote the Travel Tracker in school; some councillors were given the responsibility to log this for their class.

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Spring Term:

The Sports Council met to discuss new equipment that they would like to have on the playgrounds during their break and lunchtimes. They then presented this to their classes and asked their peers what equipment they would like to have available during their free time.

Some of the suggestions that the children have come up with include:

  • lots of balls for football and basketball
  • skipping ropes
  • giant Jenga
  • chess and tennis equipment

The Sport’s Council will also be helping to judge the best Commonwealth Baton that will be used in the relay next half term. This will be judged after half term.