St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

Harvest Appeal 2018

Many thanks to all the staff, parents and children for donating so much to help the work of our local food bank and Cornerstone, it is very much appreciated and will help support people in need and is an example of our faith in action.

Have a look at the photos of our Harvest display. It looks stunning!

Sorting out all the food donations 2018

Children from Mini-Vinnies/The Faith Council went round all the classes collecting all the donations. They gave up part of their lunchtime to sort all the food into sections so that it would be easier to create a beautiful display. Many thanks to the children for giving up their time; it was so generous of them. A lovely example of our faith in action.

Taking down the Harvest Display 2018

Mini-Vinnies from year 6 and other year 6 pupils gave up part of their lunchtime to take down the Harvest display and pack it into boxes ready to be collected by the local Food Bank and Cornerstone. The children all worked as a team and were so willing to help people in our local community. Thank you so much.

Loading up the donations for Cornerstone 2018

Year 6 Mini-Vinnies helped load all our donations onto the van. They worked tirelessly for others and we are very proud of their commitment. Thank you so much.